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Cosmic Cobie

Coloring Books

Coming soon!

You asked for it!  

Our cutie pie characters are currently being transformed into black and white versions of themselves to that they may fill the pages of a coloring book! 

Stay tuned for updates & to find out when our next Cosmic Cobie book will be released!

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This is an adorable short story that could be read to a child each and every day The rhymed prose lets the story flow so easily that I was actually a bit sad when it was over. Loved the illustrations. What a darling adventure in consciousness. 

— Linda, US

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Cosmic Cobie and Lauren Llama are just irresistible! This is a short easy to read story with a big message that every child (at any age) needs right now. The illustrations are amazing and so fun!

— Claudia, US

Meet Meg, Levi & Cobie Grace!

Meg Pearson is a holistic chef, speaker, and spiritual seeker. She has produced 3 cookbooks and written for many magazines and online publications. She also appears regularly on television, sharing her love of food and self-healing.


Levi Moodie is a renegade artist and tattoo shop owner. His mediums include acrylic and canvas, ink and skin, and building and customizing motorcycles.


They live an abundant and love-filled life in Costa Rica with their red-haired daughter Cobie Grace. 

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